Hand-E Disposable Black Nitrile Gloves

  • EXTRA STRONG BLACK GLOVES: These disposable gloves are 5 mil thick, highly stretchable, and won't rip or tear easily. Nitrile gloves are the strongest form of rubber gloves, better than plastic, vinyl or latex. These are ideal for commercial and home cooking, and mechanical, professional and industrial use.
  • BETTER GRIP & COMFORT: The fingers have textured tips for a more tactile grip and the thickness offers the best comfort out of a disposable glove! Perfect for use when you need accuracy and control, including beauticians, hair stylists, paint, arts & crafts, handiwork, gardening and more!
  • POWDER FREE & LATEX FREE GLOVES: Perfect for people with latex allergies, these are also great non sterile medical gloves, dental gloves, and surgical gloves. The superior protection from these ultra strong gloves is great for mechanics, auto repair, and artists and stylists using paints, dyes, epoxy, and more.
  • BEST CLEANING GLOVES: For dish washing, dusting, and scrubbing at home to industrial janitorial use, this is the #1 choice! Thick enough to offer great protection, and thin enough for comfy wear. With an extra-long beaded cuff, they're awesome gloves for tattoo artists, labs, and more.
  • SLEEK AND STYLISH: Not only are the gloves a deep black, Hand-E boxes have an elegant design that matches any decor. You'll love leaving them out on your kitchen counter, office desk, or workstation. Unlike most competitors, each box has 200 gloves. Experience the Hand-E Touch today!



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